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2017-2022, Caribbean


Now entering the final stages of internal fit-out, this is the first phase of one of the most ambitious classical projects anywhere in the world, one that seeks to make a home for a patron with an abiding interest in the Greek and Roman history and at the same time a fitting context for parts of his collection of antiquities. While comparable in some ways to the Getty Villa in Malibu commissioned by J. Paul Getty in the 1970s, this does not seek to reconstruct a specific historic environment (in that the case the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum) but is freer in its conception and built with better materials. The ocean site and the tropical climate – for which colonnades work particularly well – inspired an almost hubristic desire to emulate Roman maritime villas. Having been chosen on account of his understanding of ancient architecture, Mark Wilson Jones formed Apollodorus Architecture precisely to research and deliver this singular proposition.

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