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(2015) ‘ Unit 3: Hadrian’s Rome’, in Betts, E. and Hope, V. Block 2. The Heart of Empire: The City of Rome, The Open University, Milton Keynes, pp. 228-34. The audio is in Section 3.2.1:

Colosseum: Roman Death Trap, first airing February 11, 2015, PBS (Nova – Providence Pictures).

BBC Points West; August 2014. Item on the Roman Baths, Bath, and its technical innovations.

Rome Unwrapped (Atlantic Productions, shot 2009), screened from January 2011 in the USA.

Secrets of the Parthenon, Nova – Providence Pictures, screened from January 2008. (Winner of the Writer’s Guild Award for Best Documentary, CINE Special Jurors Golden Eagle, First Prize in International Archeological Film Fest and Emmy-nominated.)

Item in BBC's Open University Series on building technology (discussion of the Pantheon), 1997.

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